Staff Directory

Our staff directory is under maintenance at this time. We seek to have an updated staff directory online in early October. Please call our school office at 806-326-3100 to contact a staff member. Thank you for your patience during this time.


Pfeifer, Andrea-Principal 326-3101
Shipman, Steven-Assistant Principal  326-3101
Stewart, Heather-Assistant Principal 326-3101

Bybee, Grace-P-Z 326-3104
Gonzales, Beverly-A-Ga 326-3104
Houchins, Cory-Ge-O 326-3113

Language Arts

Bender, Shannon-7 LA, 7 Reading Lab,     Reading Improvement
Chacon, Leigh-6 Reading Enrichment,
 6 SS   
Crinella, Anthony-6 LA  
Harvey, Elana-6 LA
Hollis, Brittany-8 LA, 8 Reading Lab  
Keplinger, Keitha-8 LA/SAT Prep
Raab, Jennifer-7 LA
Ranae Isch-7 LA/Creative Writing

Shreffler, Kim-8 LA, Prof. Comm  
Stocker, Sarah-6 LA

Boyd, Lisa-6 Math  
Williams, Dawn-6 Math  
Colby Kirkland-8 Math
Doris Leverett-Alg/Alg Lab
Elston, Julie-7 Math  
Flanagan, Ashley-7 Math/Curr Support  
Guerrero, Armando-7th Math/Lego  
Cargo, Hannah-6 Math
Kuxhausen, Abby-7 Math, 8 Math

Galbreath, Hannah-6 Science/STEM  
Irving, Kimberly-7 Science  
Law, Shalako-8 Science  
Parsons, Heidi-8 Science  
Wilfong, Buffy-7 Science, Student Co  

Social Studies

Carter, Sara-6 Social Studies   
Fish, Scotty-6 Social Studies  
Fowler, Doug-8 American History  
Jameson, Bobbi-8 Amer History
Melendez, Chris-6 Social Studies  
Swicegood, Shanna-7 Texas History
Winn, Rocky-7 Texas History

Elective Teachers    
Ellis, Mike-Band 326-3126 
Havens, Abbey-7 Careers   
Hurtt, Adrienne-7&8 Art Website
Kupresanin, Danielle-Orchestra 326-3126

Lumus, Della-6 Techapl/7&8  TouchSys/8 Portals  
Lewis, Brittany 8 RTI/Teen Leadership   
McMillen, Carlton-7 Expl Lang/8    Spanish  
Paxton, Gregg-6 Art/8 Pottery  
Velasquez, Blanca-$ & Sense/Pub  
Vincent, Mary Ruth-Theater  Arts/Shine  
Manfredi(McCabe), Lizzi-Choir ‚Äč

Physical Education/Coaches  
Greeson, Angela-PE/Coach 326-3121
Bennett, Matt-PE/Head Coach 326-3122
Carter, Sara-Coach  
Fish, Scotty-Coach  
Lewis, Brittany-Coach  
Melendez, Chris-Coach  
Winn, Rocky-Coach  

Special Education   
Ridley, Rhonda-ACC  326-3130
Pilonero, Trayce-ACC  326-3133
Pham, Lindsay-Math  
SoRelle, Jan–8 LA/7 LA  
Stewart, Wendy –6 Math, 6 LA  

Support Staff  
Copeland, Tamra-Diagnostician 326-3115 
Ellis, Mary Ann-Speech Therapist  
Hutcherson, Carla - Secretary 326-3101
Longhofer, Darae – Nurse 326-3108
McArthur, Valerie -  Office Clerk 326-3110 
McWhorter, Suedell - Librarian 326-3117
O'Daniel, Paula – Attn Clerk 326-3102
Padilla, Germaine-Counselor Clerk 326-3104

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